You can trade directly on the exchange, but there are certain advantages when you use third-party services like 3Commas.

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2 min readJul 23, 2019

What’ll be different?

- Userfriendly interface, there is no need to serf and read lots of guides by each exchange.
- More options for trading, not all exchanges support such functions as Stop Loss Time Out or concurrent Stop Loss and Take Profit
- You can customize notifications for all trades statuses, namely that are most important.

And who needs it?

- Traders who use more than 1 exchange
- Beginners who do not fully understand all the functionality on an exchange
- Settlors who manage other people’s funds
- Traders, who use advanced features

How to create a trade in the trading terminal by the principle: buy low and sell high.

1. Link an exchange via API keys
2. Enter Smart Trade tab in the trading terminal
3. Choose a market btc, usdt, eth, etc. (The coin you will trade on. You should have enough amount of these coins to start a trade)
4. Choose a pair for this coin
5. In the Smart Trade tab select how many of your funds you’ll use.
6. Click take profit — here please set the percentage that you want to earn on this trade
7. And Stop Loss, mainly to limit possible losses

This like a simple trade works
Also, you can use additional functions

Trading terminal on

- Trading View chart with the paint tool
- Free Trading View signals
- Trailing Buy, Trailing Stop Loss, Trailing Take Profit
- Take Profit Targets
- Stop Loss Time out
- Panic Sell
- Average price option
- Ability to buy crypto in the terminal
- Sale of already purchased coins (Smart Sell)
- Earning on a short strategy (Smart Cover)
- Trade stats
- Ability to edit active deals

Use the trading terminal with Starter plan for $29 per month

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