What’s new in 9 April release

Conditional limit order, Stop Loss timeout for bots and more. Take a look.

🤟 Meet “Conditional limit order” When the price reaches a certain level, the order will be executed on the order book.

⏱ Stop Loss timeout for bots. A countdown will start if the price reaches the SL level. The bot will close the SL transaction, if after the price does not come back.

🌝 Smart Trade redesign; a more intuitive and streamlined look for smart trade panel. We hope that you’ll like it!

✊ Now you can add, edit and view the list of connected exchanges on 1 page. Additionally, Gate.io is now a supported exchange with 3commas.

🌚 Our website is now more user-friendly so you can trade on the go. Huge blocks with rates were changed.

😈 Earn money with our referral program. 3commas logo and banners are available in the “referral” section. You can post them on your website, blog, twitter or tumblr and earn money. Don’t forget to post your referral link with the images.

We hope that you’ll enjoy the new updates, stay tuned and share your opinion in the chat we wish you all the best, the 3commas team.




Trading blog. Tools, bots, strategies.

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3Сommas Blog

3Сommas Blog

Trading blog. Tools, bots, strategies.

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