NEO is next on Binance Futures?

3Сommas Blog
1 min readFeb 12, 2020

Binance exchange continues to develop its Futures platform. CEO of an exchange back in early January tweeted, that Binance Futures will add most of TOP-20 altcoins soon.

19 assets can be traded on Binance Futures platform at the moment. Since the announcement of adding an asset on the platform, token price usually grows about 5–10%. If you look at margin trading on Binance, all assets except NEO were already added on Binance Futures platform.

It’s highly likely, that perpetual contract on the NEO/USDT with up to 50x leverage will launched on Binance Futures soon.

And we remind you, that trading futures on Binance Futures is available in 3Commas with bots.