🎉Meet our release🎉 29/04

3Сommas Blog
2 min readApr 29, 2019

🤖 Okex bots are available now.

📲Now you can use the following commands in your telegram bot @XCommasBot:
/My_bots — Show all your bots. List with ID and statuses: on/off.
/Start_bot {bot_id}
/Stop_bot {bot_id}
/My_subscription — Remaining subscription days, expiration date, current subscription plan
/My_stats — Your daily/monthly/overall stats

📡 Register on the exchanges directly from 3Commas. Just click «Add an exchange» or go to «My exchanges» page, where you can find “Sign up at exchange” button.

🕹 Use the new Force Start button for Smart Trade — in case you have condition or limit order, and you need to buy urgently. Btw it also works for partially executed orders.

🤝 We support new Okex API — v3.

⏱ Binance account balance now updates more frequently. Whenever systems detects that your deals or trades may be affected by balance state, it places a warning next to affected item.

💼Portfolio balance updates: all coins can be converted to BTC/USDT automatically. You don’t have to bother, just press the balance button and system will cancel all bot’s deals, all SmartTrades and sell coins by market rates. Same will happen to limit orders on exchanges — even those which were set not via 3Commas.

🛎 Get notifications regarding your Marketplace items: easy to track expiration of your signal subscriptions.

🧾 Payment invoices. After purchase you will receive an email with invoice. Invoices will be stored in the system and you can download them any time.

Updates for your referrals:
✅ Trial period now starts after you connect your exchange account.

🌐 New Dashboard for new users. Visible until you connect your first exchange.