🎉Meet new 3Commas release

3Сommas Blog
2 min readJun 17, 2019

✌️Hello Everyone,
Today, your 3Commas team is proud to announce the roll-out of several important updates intended to enhance your trading experience:

💸Paper Trading v1.0 — Available to paying subscribers, the new feature allows you to learn the power of 3Commas and test your trading skills with no financial risk.
Works only with USDT-BTC pair now. More pairs will be added soon.

🛍Marketplace — We have added new signals with descriptions and trading tips. More detailed instructions on each signal provider will be available soon!

⚙️SmartTrade — The “History” displays the progress of order filling. Also, the average price (after manual averaging) is now displayed!

🤖Bots — New settings and useful information:
- Display the number of deals for each bot — Once the last deal is completed, the bot will be automatically turned off!
- Open multiple deals for the same pair when the deal start condition is met. If left at 1, the bot will only open one deal at a time.
- New option for Stop Loss has been added — the SL will close the trade and stop the bot!
- The Active deals now display the number of filled Safety Orders (SO) — Upcoming SO and how they are filled.

🌝Last but not least, you will notice many design changes in Smart Trade, the Settings page, and the overall user interface.

🔝🔝🔝We want to remind if your total balance is less than $750 — use the service absolutely free with a Junoir subscription.

We thank you all for your valuable inputs that constantly challenge us to deliver the best trading experience possible.
Stay tuned for more updates and Happy Trading!