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8 min readJul 3, 2024


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This month we tap into the knowledge of one of the top automated crypto bot traders from our Indonesian community.

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This month we sat down with an individual who has experienced quite a lot of success using our 3Commas bots to trade crypto, and we’ve asked him to share some of his insights with our trader community.

Number one trading tip from this interview

A big takeaway is something we’ve highlighted for some time now: taking advantage of unpredictable market opportunities by spreading multiple price points among a wide range of trading pairs.

*some of the answers have been edited for clarity


Can you tell us a bit about your professional background and how you got started in crypto trading?

Initially I worked a normal job, then I started a business and looked at investing in 2008. The opportunities in crypto were more attractive and I plunged into the crypto world. Got to know crypto when the 2021 bull hype was everywhere and joined several trading bots such as RoyalQ, AntBot, etc. Then a friend introduced me to 3Commas and continued to use 3Commas because there was no gas fee. Interested in crypto because it is a more promising investment than property, stocks, gold, etc.

I was interested in using trading bots because when trading manually there is a fear & greed effect. Started trading in 2008 in stocks, expanded to forex, and finally to crypto. I got to know trading bots in 2021, and have been using 3Commas since. Initially I began investing to fight inflation, and now I’m using trading bots for passive income and holding crypto for wealth.

What specific trading strategies have you found to be most effective when using our platform’s bots?

DCA bots long and short on spot, spread on all prices and keep borrowing between quotes and base.

How do you approach risk management in your trading, and what measures do you take to minimize potential losses?

1. Diversify exchanges to minimize risks like FTX.

2. Trade in all currency pairs to reduce the risk of delisting.

3. Keep large funds in Ledger and use small funds for trading, so that the proceeds from large funds become easy winnings.

4. Spread the price at all levels so that no matter what the market conditions are, it still generates passive income.

5. Part of the profit is withdrawn to the Ledger and part for compounding.

Can you describe your overall trading philosophy and how it guides your decision-making process?

1. Passive income for Lifetime, Ride to Zero, risk diversification, patience and discipline are key.

2. Setting a trading strategy and enjoying the ride with trading bots to avoid the influence of fear and greed in the market.

3. Discuss with trading partners and always look for better strategies to increase passive income.

How do you determine the right time to enter and exit a trade?

Always in the market, unless there are signs of an exchange bank run then the exchange is withdrawn. Because the game is passive income for life, so always trade with bots.

Which of our trading bots do you use most frequently, and why do you prefer them over others?

DCA bots, because of the open with market price and conditional TP feature which allows us to do a save and borrow strategy. Also, there is a min max price feature which allows us to spread the price in each pair.

Can you walk us through a recent successful trade that you executed using our platform’s bots? What was your strategy and which tools did you utilize?

DCA bots, the big picture strategy is to spread the price in all pairs, go long and short simultaneously, which turns volatility into passive income.

Are there any specific features or tools on our platform that you consider essential to your trading success?

Currently, the basic features are open with market price, conditional TP, and the ability to add funds manually in deals (DCA Bots). The unlimited enterprise account helps with this strategy. The control panel makes it easy to monitor the bots because there are already a large number of them.

How do you analyze market trends and data to inform your trading decisions?

I don’t really use it for trading as our strategy uses all currency pairs on Binance.

What indicators or signals do you rely on the most when setting up your trading bots?


Distinguishing between news that creates fear and greed and news that is factual. Pay more attention to delisting news and possible exchange bank runs. Big news like ETF Approve can influence the decision to increase the number of bots in a particular pair.

1. Being able to trade bots for a living without having to do business or work.

2. A great learning experience was in the early days of 3Commas there was no bot limit, so every day we could create thousands of bots. The trial and error provided a deep understanding of the DCA and Grid features.

What advice would you give to new traders looking to use bots for their trading strategies?

1. Make sure the trading mindset is strong so that you have confidence in what you are going to do.

2. Determine the strategy you want to use and execute it with patience and discipline.

3. Practice good financial management, so as not to worry about the 99% dump or excessive greed.

Bahasa Indonesia interview (original language)

This interview was originally conducted between an Indonesian trader and the head of our Indonesian community team. Here is the full original text.

Dapatkah Anda menceritakan sedikit tentang latar belakang profesional Anda dan bagaimana Anda memulai trading kripto?

Awalnya kerja, lalu start business dan melirik investasi di 2008 dan peluang di crypto lebih menarik dan terjun ke dunia crypto. Kenal crypto sewaktu bull 2021 hype di mana-mana ikut jadi sangkuters di beberapa bot trading seperti RoyalQ, AntBot, dll. Lalu ada teman yang kenalin ke 3Commas dan terus pakai 3Commas karena tidak ada gas fee. Tertarik di crypto karena investasi yang lebih menjanjikan dibanding property, saham, emas, dll.

tertarik menggunakan bot trading karena saat trading manual ada efek fear n greed. Mulai trading tahun 2008 di saham, merambah ke forex, dan akhirnya ke crypto. Kenal bot trading mulai 2021, dan menggunakan 3Commas sampai sekarang. Berawal dari investasi untuk melawan inflasi, sekarang menggunakan bot trading untuk passive income dan holding crypto for wealth.

Strategi trading spesifik apa yang menurut Anda paling efektif saat menggunakan bot platform kami?

DCA bots long dan short di spot, sebar di all price dan simpan pinjam antara quotes dan base.

Bagaimana pendekatan Anda terhadap manajemen risiko dalam trading Anda, dan langkah apa yang Anda ambil untuk meminimalkan potensi kerugian?

1. Diversifikasi exchange untuk meminimalkan risiko seperti FTX.

2. Trading di semua pasangan mata uang untuk mengurangi risiko delisting.

3. Menyimpan dana besar di Ledger dan menggunakan dana kecil untuk trading, sehingga hasil dari dana besar menjadi kemenangan mudah.

4. Menyebarkan harga di semua level sehingga apapun kondisi market, tetap menghasilkan passive income.

5. Sebagian keuntungan ditarik ke Ledger dan sebagian lagi untuk compounding.

Dapatkah Anda menjelaskan filosofi trading Anda secara keseluruhan dan bagaimana filosofi tersebut memandu proses pengambilan keputusan Anda?

1. Passive income for Lifetime, Ride to Zero, diversifikasi risiko, kesabaran, dan disiplin adalah kunci.

2. Menetapkan strategi trading dan menikmati perjalanan dengan trading bots untuk menghindari pengaruh fear dan greed di pasar.

3. Berdiskusi dengan partner trading dan selalu mencari strategi yang lebih baik untuk meningkatkan passive income.

Bagaimana Anda menentukan waktu yang tepat untuk masuk dan keluar dari trading?

Selalu ada dalam market, kecuali ada tanda-tanda exchange bank run baru exchange tersebut di-withdraw. Karena gamenya passive income for life, jadi selalu trading dengan bots.

Bot trading mana yang paling sering Anda gunakan, dan mengapa Anda lebih memilih bot tersebut daripada yang lain?

DCA bots, karena fitur open with market price dan conditional TP yang memungkinkan untuk melakukan strategi simpan pinjam dan juga ada fitur min max price yang memungkinkan untuk menyebarkan harga di setiap pair.

Dapatkah Anda menjelaskan kepada kami tentang trading sukses baru-baru ini yang Anda lakukan menggunakan bot platform kami? Apa strategi Anda dan alat apa yang Anda gunakan?

DCA bots, strategi secara gambar besar adalah menyebar harga dalam semua pair, melakukan long dan short secara bersamaan, yang membuat volatilitas menjadi passive income.

Apakah ada fitur atau alat khusus di platform kami yang Anda anggap penting untuk kesuksesan trading Anda?

Saat ini yang digunakan hanya fitur basic open with market price, conditional TP, dan bisa menambahkan dana secara manual di deals (DCA Bots). Enterprise account yang unlimited membantu strategi yang dijalankan. Control panel memudahkan untuk memonitor bots karena sudah dalam jumlah banyak.

Bagaimana Anda menganalisis tren market dan data untuk menginformasikan keputusan trading Anda?

Tidak terlalu digunakan untuk trading karena strateginya menggunakan semua pair mata uang di Binance.

Indikator atau sinyal apa yang paling Anda andalkan saat mengatur bot trading Anda?


Bagaimana Anda mengikuti berita dan tren pasar terkini, dan bagaimana informasi ini memengaruhi trading Anda?

Membedakan berita yang membuat fear and greed dan berita yang fakta. Lebih banyak memperhatikan berita delisting dan kemungkinan exchange bank run. Berita besar seperti ETF Approve bisa mempengaruhi keputusan menambah jumlah bots dalam pair tertentu.

Dapatkah Anda membagikan beberapa pencapaian dan pengalaman belajar Anda yang paling signifikan dalam trading kripto menggunakan platform kami?

1. Sudah bisa trading bots for living tanpa harus berbisnis atau bekerja.

2. Pengalaman belajar yang luar biasa adalah waktu awal-awal 3Commas tidak ada bots limit, sehingga setiap hari bisa membuat ribuan bots. Trial and error tersebut memberikan pemahaman mendalam tentang fitur DCA dan grid.

Saran apa yang akan Anda berikan kepada trader baru yang ingin menggunakan bot untuk strategi trading mereka?

1. Pastikan mindset trading kuat sehingga mempunyai keyakinan dengan yang akan dilakukan.

2. Tentukan strategi yang ingin digunakan dan jalankan dengan sabar dan disiplin.

3. Lakukan manajemen keuangan yang baik, sehingga tidak khawatir dengan dump 99% atau greed yang berlebihan.

Originally published at https://3commas.io.