Exploring Signal Bots and DCA Bots on 3Commas: A Comprehensive Guide

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4 min readJul 3, 2024


Automated trading bots have become essential tools for cryptocurrency traders looking to optimize their strategies and increase efficiency. Among the popular options available from 3Commas automated trading software are the Signal Bot and the DCA (Dollar-Cost Averaging) Bot. While both bots aim to enhance trading performance, they operate on fundamentally different principles and serve distinct purposes. This article delves into the key differences between Signal Bots and DCA Bots to help you decide which is best suited for your trading needs.

Signal Bot


3Commas Signal Bot is designed to execute trades based on predefined signals or triggers from various sources, including social media platforms, technical indicators, and other customizable criteria. This bot is particularly useful for advanced traders who want to capitalize on market-moving events and trends in real-time because it is essentially an evolution of the DCA Bot that takes some of its most powerful features and expands upon them.

Key Features

- Customizable Signals: Traders can set up signals based on keywords from social media (e.g., X, formerly Twitter), price movements, trading volume, and more.

- Integration with Automation Tools: The bot integrates with TradingView, IFTTT and Zapier, allowing users to create complex workflows and triggers.

- Efficiency: Signal Bot can accommodate short and long positions within the same bot.

- Position Sizing: This bot can increase or decrease positions by a deviation percentage filter plus signal.

- Real-Time Trading: The Signal Bot can react to signals instantly, providing timely execution of trades based on the latest market information.

- Versatility: It can be used to execute many different strategies thanks to the built-in flexibility of the tools we developed.

Ideal For

- Traders who want to take advantage of real-time market signals and news.

- Those who follow social media influencers and updates from crypto projects.

- Advanced users looking for a highly customizable and responsive trading tool and want to trade both long and short positions from the same bot.



The Dollar-Cost Averaging (DCA) Bot on 3Commas was originally designed to do a simple strategy of buying and selling at regular intervals to lower the average cost of entry for accumulation strategies, but it evolved over time into a very powerful tool capable of many additional strategies and trading maneuvers.

Key Features

- Automated Buying/Selling: The DCA Bot systematically buys or sells assets according to the conditions set by the user along with the signals, such as social media, TradingView indicators, etc., they’ve chosen.

- Integration: DCA Bot includes popular Deal Start and Deal Close conditions such as RSI, Bollinger Bands, MACD, MA Cross, and more.

- Flexible Configuration: Users can set parameters such as trade size, frequency, and can increase the size of the position by using safety orders with price percentage deviation and volume scale.

- Multiple Take Profit Targets: The DCA Bot now includes the ability to take partial profits at up to four different targets, offering more flexibility in managing trades.

- Consistency: DCA Bot is noted for its repeatability and responsiveness, allowing it to manage a variety of strategies with the built-in flexibility of its tools.

- Long or Short: Unlike Signal Bot, the 3Commas DCA Bot requires separate bots to run long and short strategies.

Ideal For

- Traders looking to minimize the impact of volatility on their investments and spread out their risk by avoiding large trades at potentially unfavorable times.

- Those who prefer a systematic and disciplined approach to trading.

- Investors who want a battle-tested bot that can execute their strategies and who don’t need to trade long and short with the same bot.

Signal Bots vs. DCA Bots: Key Differences

1. Flexibility in Position Management:

- Signal Bot: Allows you to build and reduce positions gradually. This feature is crucial for traders who prefer to scale in and out of trades, adjusting their positions based on market conditions.

- DCA Bot: Previously, once a trade was initiated, it could only be closed entirely. However, with the new feature of taking partial profits at up to four different targets, the DCA Bot now offers improved flexibility.

2. Trading Directions:

- Signal Bot: Can handle both Long and Short trades within a single bot, providing comprehensive trading capabilities from one setup.

- DCA Bot: Requires two separate bots to manage Long and Short trades, one for each direction.

3. Trade Management:

- Signal Bot: Can automatically create Smart Trades, which are highly flexible and allow for various adjustments such as moving to breakeven or setting multiple take-profit targets.

- DCA Bot: Offers less flexibility in managing trades post-execution. 3Commas has a tool for turning a DCA Bot into a Smart Trade for traders who want to manually manage the execution once their DCA Bot finds a deal that meets their conditions.

4. Number of Pairs:

- Signal Bot: Can handle from 1 up to 200 pairs in a single bot, offering extensive diversification.

- DCA Bot: Typically focuses on fewer pairs, often optimized for specific strategies.

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