🎉 3Commas Updates

New & Improved 3Commas Grid BOT:

Trading View is now available on all active Grid bot deals!

🔹 BUY & SELL labels now available on the grid chart. Now, you will see the price where your order is waiting.

🔹 The display labels on Trading View have changed. Arrows appear on the chart to display completed orders:
Red — Sell
Green — Buy

🔹 Upon execution of your order, a label will show on the bottom of the chart. It will appear below the bar representing the timeframe at which your order was executed. (A sell order was filled in the pic)

Currently only available for Binance and Huobi pairs.




Trading blog. Tools, bots, strategies.

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3Сommas Blog

3Сommas Blog

Trading blog. Tools, bots, strategies.

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