3Сommas July 17 Release notes: Introducing Binance DEX Support

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2 min readJul 17, 2019


What’s new in service for the last 3 weeks.

As you remember, quite recently, Cloudflare outages took down many services, including Coinbase, other crypto exchanges and also 3Commas. So we’ve changed DDoS provider Cloudflare to Amazon Services to protect the website from attacks.

🔵Dashboard updates and other improvements:
Improvements in top right switcher between a Real account and Paper Trading. Now you can see a changing of balance per day.

🔹Bots active deals have the advanced format in the mobile version. We removed the swipe option and drop-down blocks with deal information were added.

🔹New secure login requirements: You have 6 attempts to enter a password. After 6 failed attempts, the password can only be recovered via email. Also, please note that after 6 unsuccessful attempts, the password will be reset on all devices including the mobile app.

🔹Please share your opinions. Now in the emails, you can leave feedback and help us understand what is most important to you.

🔹When you edit take profit, TP percentage in an already open deal, the value you just changed and the price at which the deal will close is displayed below.

🔹Notification messages regarding profit are issued before the Trailing Take Profit, TTP is activated so you will have an indication of what would have happened if the trailing function had not been activated.


Important updates in the trading terminal. Now you have 3 easy steps to start:
1 Choose exchange;
2 Select the main coin for trade;
3 Enter a pair.

Please note:
The field displaying the exchange name also displays the amounts of available funds on that particular exchange.

Also, when selecting a coin, the available amount on that exchange is displayed.

🔹Decentralized trading. Binance DEX is available in Smart Trade.

🔹Additional API keys checking. If you want to create a trade with wrong API keys we will warn you about the problems. For example, if the exchange is not available, you will receive an error notification that will alert you.

🔹Averaging has become more convenient, now you can enter the exact amount while you edit your active deal.