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2 min readJul 31, 2019

Hello everyone, today I’m want to tell you about one secret feature on 3Commas. You can create additional offline exchange account for your hardware wallet. It allows you to see the actual value of all your coins.

For example, if you have some crypto on a long term hold and do not want to count and analyze everything manually. Also, all your funds will be displayed on a single page.

I guess you’ve heard about Blockfolio or Delta apps, but it’s more convenient to track all your crypto from one account, also it is free, and does not require any paid subscription.

The feature is available on the «My Exchanges» page. You specify what coins you have and their amount — then see the estimated value of the asset.

All tokens from Coinmarketcap are available. And this information will be displayed in the history of balances on the main page in your 3Commas account, so you can analyze the history and make conclusions about your strategy.

An off-exchange asset is a way to know how many coins you have and what their actual value is, even if you keep them on a hardware wallet or on an exchange which is not supported by 3Сommas.

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