3Commas practical guides: how to earn without breaking a sweat

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2 min readAug 7, 2020

In this “3Commas practical guides” article, we will explain how you can make money trading crypto using the 3commas.io tools, without being glued to the monitor 24/7, but doing what you love instead.

Gordon Bot

Who hasn’t dreamed of doing nothing and while receiving profits. The Gordon Bot of the 3commas.io service allows you to make a profit by trading in a fully automated manner. Gordon Bot follows a given algorithm according to the QFL (Quick Fingers Luc) strategy, which allows you to rebuy an asset at strong support levels, which often cause the price to bounce, and sell at strong resistance levels, thus constantly increasing profit.

Running a Gordon Bot

Click the “Create Bot” button in the DCA Bot section of the side menu:

First, you need to choose an exchange to trade on, the coin you are planning to trade against, the share of the deposit that you would like to allocate for trading with the Gordon bot. It is also necessary to choose the intensity of the strategy that affects the frequency of transactions and how risky they will be. You can always familiarize yourself with the functionality using Paper Trading first:

After the bot is created, it starts trading automatically. You can see the statistics of each of your bot, as well as view current transactions and change the trading strategy in the “My bots” tab:

“My deals” tab allows you to monitor the results of current deals, edit and, manage current deals if necessary:

Good luck, everyone! See you in the next 3Сommas Practical Guides!

The information above contains information on the cryptocurrency market, which is associated with high risks. These materials are presented for informational purposes only and in no way should be construed as a recommendation for the purchase or sale of the assets. Any person considering trading digital assets should seek independent advice on the suitability of any particular digital asset.