⭐️3Сommas December 20 Release notes: Introducing Grid Bot

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1 min readDec 20, 2019


🔹Trailing Take Profit feature now available for Coinbase bots

🔹New exchanges available: Huobi Russia. You can find it on “My exchanges” section


Charts, patterns, grids, intersections, cross-sections, and more!
These are important for TA, and they’re things humans are okay at identifying, but computers? Well, they can find them in our sleep. 3Commas is introducing a cutting-edge new Grid Bot! He will methodically and relentlessly find and execute trades we often spend hours to find, and even the trades we often miss. And, he will also do it while we sleep!
If you’re ready to take automated bot trading to the next level, you will want to meet our Grid bot. He’s pre-programmed and programmable. So if you just want to start up and go, do it.

Create new Grid bot BETA

Read these guides to find out how it works:

Guide 1
Guide 2