⭐️3Сommas August 7 Release notes: Introducing Binance Margin Trading

3Сommas Blog
1 min readAug 7, 2019

Hello everyone, please welcome our last updates

🔸Finally, margin trading is available on Binance! Now you can trade with leverage! If you already have a Binance account go to the API key settings and check the box “Enable margin trading”. Second Binance account will be displayed on My Exchanges page within 24 hours.
If you want to add margin trading instantly, please create a new API key and update it on 3Commas.

🔹SmartTrade: the order book now has 2 types of price, you can choose: only BID, only ASK, or both.

🔸You can now switch the currency to display your account’s updates on the Dashboard and every connected exchange: token price and total value can be displayed either in BTC or USDT.

🔹Pay for trading signals by card or PayPal. Available in 3Commas Marketplace.

🔸Speed up some BitMEX trading processes.

🔹All pairs listed on Binance are now available for Paper trading.

🔸Improved closing process for deals with a short strategy.

🔹A step-by-step onboarding for new users. Now it is easier to understand all 3Commas trading tools.

Best regards 3Commas team.